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  • nofightinggravity:

    So this is how the Yankees season ends, not with a bang but with a whimper.

    The whimpering wasn’t only the sound of the Yanks at the plate, only able to deliver 22 hits and 6 runs in 4 ALCS games, but also from the drama surrounding the under-performing roster. Apart from the final game the pitching, like in their ALDS series against Baltimore, was good enough to win this series or a lot of others. But the offense? The offense set new historically low numbers for any playoffs by the New York Yankees.

    Derek Jeter’s injury was awful, not only because of who he is, but also because he was one of the few Yankee hitters actually performing well this postseason. But let’s be honest, with the way Cano, A-Rod, Granderson, Teixeira and Swisher where NOT hitting, I doubt his presence would have made much of a difference. And as a HUGE fan of Jeter, it pains me to say that.

    It will be an interesting and drama filled off-season for the Yankees and their fans. Talk of finally trying to move A-Rod’s impossible contract and drama out of town is already in full swing. I doubt it will happen no matter how happy it might make me to no longer see him in pinstripes, but it will be the hot topic in the Bronx. Will Ichiro resign or look elsewhere? If he does stay a Yankee, which I think is a good idea, does that mean fellow free agent Nick Swisher’s time in right is done? I think Joe Girardi would like a healthy Brett Gardner to be a full time starter next year (so would I) and that would lead you to believe both free agent outfielders won’t return. Those are just the first few issues that come to mind, I’m sure there will be many more.

    This was not a bad season for the New York Yankees. They won the AL East, they reached the American League Championship Series and some players had really good seasons. But how they exited the playoffs, how empty the stands were at times during the year and all the drama both things bring will make for a very sour taste to this off-season.

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